Grief. What is it?

Grief. One word, so simple and so powerful. Grief. A myriad of emotions evoked. Grief. A memory that rises to the forefront of your mind. Grief. The one moment that cripples you forever. There is no way to remain unscathed. You will be forever changed.

When it feels as though your mind is marred, as invisible tears cascade down your face, as you gasp for breath but can never seem to find it and your heart feels like it has been completely shredded into pieces.. you find yourself brought back in time to that one moment that caused everything to change. The one moment that seems forever frozen and ingrained into your very being, your very soul.

That moment will forever be a part of you; who you are and who you will be.

Dedicated to those that have ever lost a loved one, or loved ones.


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