The Dating Chronicles: Entry 3

Random Dude: Hi there… You’re adorable. So adorable in fact, that I’ve decided to adopt you as my new little sister! Don’t worry, we’ll spend all of our time climbing trees and drinking Kool-Aid. Actually, you seem like a cool person. I’d love to get together sometime and let you cook for me, haha. Wait! You’re not crazy, are you?!

My ThoughtsWhat. The. Actual. Hell. DUDE. THIS IS A DATING WEBSITE! You want me to be your little sister?! Are you into incest? Is that what you’re trying to make this? GAH. ICK. NO. Also, you’ll LET me come and cook for you?  Never happening. Not a chance in hell. And you ask the question if I AM CRAZY! Not in the least bit sorry to break it to you, but you are most definitely the crazy one in this situation. *shudder*

Cheers, ET

NOTE: Entry was edited for the main purpose of people are shite at grammar. Also for clarity. You are welcome.

ANOTHER NOTE: My thoughts are my thoughts. I think them. END.

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